Chapter 14 KWVA
P.O. #382
Bay Pines FL 33744-0382

Meetings 3rd Thurs. 7:00 VFW 4364
March 2012 issue

Bob StClair, Tina Crisp & Charlie from Pinellas Veterans Council had just left a funeral service. Clarence and Leon were there alone hoping somebody would show. They did, with Charlie!Bay Pines VAMC, Feb. 23rd. Once again Ch. 14 gathered there to fold FLAGS. Staff photographer Joe Sheehan took photos.


Presidents Message

Here it is the 3rd month for our new officers. We have made some changes, all for the good of the chapter. With mixed emotions we will bid our trailer a sad goodby. It served us well and there is no money out of pocket. V.F.W. 4364 will make our after meeting goodies and coffee at a price we couldn’t refuse
Dinner March 17th

Thanks to our 2'nd vice Carl Mitchell chairman of the dinner committee, for the time and effort he put into it.

We have a three month grace period for renewals (march 31 20 12). Dues are still $5 chapter $10 booster, this is your chapter our members made it what it is today
don't let it down now.

VAVS Flag folding went well, 35 Flags were folded and placed into plastic Flag holders, thanks to Tina Crisp, Bob StClair Leon Provost, Joe Sheehan, my self and friend Charles Rubido
God Bless
Clarence Dadswell
2nd Vice report
Carl Mitchell

We have had an excellent response to the Annual Dinner this year and look forward to an enjoyable evening of dining and entertainment at the Wine Cellar on 17 March, 2012. If you have something "green" to wear (a flower, a ribbon, scarf, handkerchief, hat, etc.) wear it.

NOTE: Please, No Forest Green camouflage uniforms.

2/23/12 The Museum of Fine Arts
St. Petersburg

Carl Mitchell and Robert Stanley were the only two attending the museum Field Trip.

The exhibit of Egyptian antiquities was spectacular as was the other exhibits throughout the museum.

The day was perfect and many of the museum patrons enjoyed lunch both inside and outside the museum.

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Appointed Officers for 2012
Sgt. At Arms Al Ulmer Service Officer Grant Raulerson
Judge Advocate Al DeStefano Chaplain Tina Crisp
Honor Guard Cmdr. Richard Arcand Quartermaster Dennis Ruley

Tina Crisp Bob Tabor John M. Bishop
Pete Torino Harold Macking Florian P. Sobotka
Patrick & Patricia McDonald Fred Krounage Henry Danilowski
Patricia Mullens Bob St Clair Bill Hooper
James Dengel George & Ann Carter John Gluck
Richard Pecha Ross Bishop Tom Rowley
Joe & Jean Sheehan Joseph Drost Joseph Yero
Everett DeWitt Joan Steyn Leon Splawn
Leon Provost Richard Pecha Grant Raulerson
Gerald Silvester Joseph LaPalm Clarence Dadswell

Honor Guard, Richard Arcand;

David Smith, Peter Torino and Richard Arcand attended the Annual Naval ROTC review along with other guests of local Veterans' groups on February 16, 2012 at Dunedin (FL) High School. The review was given by District Seven Commander Rear Admiral Floyd, USN. Music was provided by the colorful Dunedin High Pipe Band. Six funerals were serviced by the Honor Guard.

Past Pres. Everett DeWitt;

On Feb. 12th Chapter 14 was present and presented a medal and certificate to new Eagle Scout Andrew Myers May at Feather Sound. The following members were involved, Everett DeWitt, Tina Crisp and Bob StClair. Thus another Eagle Scout function by the chapter, after several years of doing so, was completed.

Sec. Stuff, Harold Macking

“Tis said,
The horse and cow live thirty years and never taste light wines and beers, the sheep and goats are dead at twenty they drink no liqueur, water plenty, at ten the cat’s lost all nine lives, no beast on milk and water thrives, at five the birds are mostly dead, they taste not of the wine that’s red, but evil, wicked rum soaked men live for three score years and ten.”

That’s from a plaque seen in a souvenir shop in northern New Hampshire in the mid fifties.



William Ball 3/10/32 Gabinetti, John 3/5/32
Yero, Joseph 3/18/34 Hall, Carl 3/16/33
Harshman, E. Gardner 3/9/34 Leahy, John R, Jr. 3/04-31
Stocker, Ronald 3-6-42 Provost,Leon 3-19-29
Nichols, Robert 3/27/30

Our founder--- Chuck Dawson
Ch. 14 Elected Officers for 2012

President Clarence Dadswell 522.6496

First Vice Pres George Carter. 545.1118

Second Vice. Carl Mitchell 542.3217

Secretary Harold Macking 954.4199

Treasurer David Smith 541.2281

3 year Board Pete Torino 917.971.2806

2 year Board Joe Sheehan 393-8962

1 year Board Richard Arcand 392.5648

Immed.. Past Pres. Everett DeWitt 573.8594

Carl Mitchell, Combat Medic

Following my final combat experience which ended in a brief firefight, I and a handful of men from our company were on our way towards Soul (now liberated).
We had previously eaten the last of our food, and were exhausted by the time we reached a small Army tent city just outside of Soul. It was late and the cooks had served their last meal. As a gesture of kindness they opened their tent and gave us sandwiches each stuffed with Vienna sausages. I ate so much I can’t eat them today. No cots being available, we sleept on the tent floor with blankets they provided. Lord, it was warm compared to earlier that day.
The next morning, we, their unwelcomed guests, were evicted and trucked to a small windowless building within the city, and placed under the command of an M.P. Sgt. Being a Medic I was the only one without a weapon. This was soon remedied when the Sgt. handed me a rifle with orders to walk guard (two on and four off). Inside the building, we pressed our bodies close to the wall in an effort to escape the freezing cold blowing in. Outside it was a fruitless effort to escape the cold. The only heat that night came from the lit end of a cigarette feeding only our habit but offering not a shred of warmth to our freezing bodies.
The next morning the Sgt. gave each of us a cartoon of cigarettes (where he got them, we never knew and didn’t care) which we presented to the Madam of a nearby house in payment for the warmth. This portion of my story is censured except to say that it was the warmest evening we had experienced in quite some time.