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Based on April 2013 Newsletter by Richard Arcand

The Annual Dinner Dance was held on Saturday night, April 6th, at the Wine Cellar. A total of 49 people were in attencance.
A monthly presentation to Carol Rafferty for dedication and devotion to the Chatper and its programs was enjoyed.
The speaker this year was Dan Clark, CPL, USMC, Ret. He praised the Korean War Veterans for their positive thinking, perseverance, determination, and heroic actions that changed the nature of battlefield operations to this day. The innovations of AID stations, M.A.S.H. Units, and helicopter rescue and extraction saved lives and continues to be standard practice to this day. Mr Clark spoke from practical experience inasmuch as he was awarded seven purple heart medals before retiring from the Marine Corps.
John Miller's music was an added dimension to the dinner. The music was the perfect combination of soft yet moving for easy dancing.
From comments received there were plenty of kudos for Dave and Kathleen's behind the scenes work; the beautiful orchis, great comradeship, lots of chatter, and overall another wonderful and memorable Dinner Dance!

Photos taken by Joe Sheehan:

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